Monday, March 19, 2007

Casting Call

Please forward to all interested parties.

Call Released: 3-13-07

Working Title: “The Meaning of ‘Choice’”

Production Company: Freedom Warrior Productions

Writer-Director-Producer: David B. Thompson

Estimated Length: 20 Minutes

Budget: None—Donations Accepted to help offset production costs.

Tentative Timeframe for Principal Photography: May

Premise: “When it comes to ‘Choice’, life doesn’t count.”


Young Sarah O’Conner addresses a pro-life gathering and tells them the story of Angela, a young woman whose decision to let her child live nearly precipitates her own murder and reveals the true nature of the “pro-choice” movement.


Primary Cast:

Sarah/Angela O’Conner

Age: 15-20 (Needs to pass as 16 and 18)

Height: Preferably between 5’ and 5’6”

Temperament: for Angela, sweet, fun-loving, non-aggressive; for Sarah, quiet, strong.


Age: 17-22 (Needs to appear close to Angela’s age)

Height: Preferably 5’4” and 6’4”

Temperament: Charming, but self-centered; a “most popular guy in school” type.

Supporting Cast:

Mr. & Mrs. O’Conner

Age: 43-48 (Need to pass as parents of 18-year-old)

Temperament: “Traditional Church family parents”; loving, but the type who are slightly more inclined to listen to “experts” and follow the crowd than challenge the culture too much.

Rob O’Conner

Age: 14-17 (Needs to pass as 15-16 year old)

Height; Preferably between 5’2” and 5’8”

Temperament: Fun/adventure-loving, slightly annoying younger brother.


Height: At least 5’6”, but preferably taller.

Tormenter (Voice)

Needs to be somewhat intimidating, strong, possibly deep.

Doesn’t need to be the same person as the physical actor.

Leslie Berken

Age: Flexible, but must pass for at least 23-25 if not older.

Temperament: Feminist reporter; chip on her shoulder when it comes to men and rabidly pro-abortion.

Other Miscellaneous Cast:

There will be a few other minor “bit parts” available, as well as a need for up to 100-150 “extras” for a pro-life fundraiser scene.

Pay: None

Location: This film is being shot in and around Oakland County, Michigan. Precise locations to be determined.

To Apply:

Please apply by April 15 if at all possible! Send a copy of your résumé, headshot, reel (if you have one) and a cover letter listing the position sought and whatever assets that you may be able to bring to the project.

Please note that Freedom Warrior Productions at this point will probably not be able to pay for transportation, lodging, etc.. If you live in the area or are willing and able to pay your own way here, great! Voice talent for the Tormenter’s voice does not need to be present on set. Meals while on set will be provided.


NOTE: If you do not receive a reply indicating receipt of your message within three business days, please call me at (248) 895-3753. AOL especially tends to have problems receiving e-mail from Hotmail.

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